Speaker and Session Lineup

Hey WordCampers! Here is the official speaker lineup and sessions.

Registration 7:30 – 8
Opening Remarks 8-830

SESSIONS 8:30-9:30
Angie Bergmann – So you’ve just started with WordPress
If you just started with WordPress, Angie will walk you through some basic tips and terminology of WordPress so you can navigate it like a pro.

Andreas Johansson –  WordPress in Education
Leveraging the power of WordPress for the educator. How to easily manage your blended classroom, post resources, videos, etc in an easy to edit, easy to access website.

Phi Kim – Write a book in 7 weeks using WordPress
My talk will highlight the 7 steps (and 7 weeks) I took to completing my first book, Big Business Problems: Small Business Solutions. The journey to completing the book was chronicled on my wordpress site. WordPress provided the platform and writing tools that forced me to write at least 15 minutes everyday.

All it takes is one idea to start a great book.

SESSIONS 9:30-10:30
Nathan Driver – SEO: From Creation to Execution
The topic would cover on how to optimize a WP site from using specific plugins to how to integrate analytics and webmaster tools.

Laura Eagin – 13 WordPress Mistakes I Made
Going from newbie to intermediate WordPress user has it’s share of hurdles. You don’t know the best practices and you learn a lot the hard way. From simple things such as remembering to put Alt tags on your images, to more complex things like PHP errors. This talk will walk you through some big no-nos when it comes to editing and launching your WordPress self-hosted site. Learn from my mistakes, it’ll save you a few headaches.

Brian Layman – Say that again in plain English
Sometimes even though you are pretty certain what you are hearing is English, once they start talking their special website language, web geeks can be pretty hard to understand. This session will cover the basic terms that you need to know when you want to give them instructions and get them to do what you need to have done on your site.

SESSIONS 10:30-11:30
Angela Bergmann – There’s a Plugin for That
Presentation highlighting some of the various plugins users can use to expand the power of their WordPress blog. Apple says “there’s an app for that”, well with WordPress, there’s a plugin for that!” . Plugins highlighted:

-Social Media integration
-Admin tools
-Contact Forms
-Expansion (shops, forums, etc)

Al Davis – 10 things to do after the install
I am going to walk you through 10 things you should do to improve your WordPress install while it’s still got that new website smell going for it. There will be some security tips to keep you safe, as well as some SEO and productivity suggestions to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Dustin H – Podcasting and WordPress
WordPress & Podcasting: How to easily add a podcast to your website
Podcasting can easily be incorporated into a WordPress website or blog and it has all of the benefits of creating blog posts. With the power of an RSS feed, a podcast feed can automatically be picked up by large curators like iTunes and Stitcher radio.

LUNCH 11:30-12:30

SESSIONS 12:30-1:30
Charlie Craine – Advanced SEO
More details to come!

Joe Rozsa – You want to stick that where?
In this particular case, size does matter. We’ll go through steps to properly size images and graphics for your WordPress website using Photoshop and Google +s’ image editing feature to optimize upload and download speeds.

Mike Fraser – So you want to be social, media that is.
We will be covering how social media is becoming integrated into search engines, along with engagement strategies using Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest. Lastly we will discuss Return on Investment vs. Return on Relationship.

SESSIONS 1:30-2:30
Joe Rozsa – Everyone is allowed in the kitchen. But not everyone is allowed in the liquor cabinet.
Multi User/Multi Admins and why it’s important to grant the proper access. So, you’ve got a WordPress site that multiple people will be admins for. This session will cover why it’s important to set up varying degrees of access to the back-end of a WordPress site.

Brian Layman – Security and WordPress
More details to come!

SESSIONS 2:30 -3:30
Justin Shreve and Beau Lebens from Automattic – JetPack and what it’s all about.
A quick overview of the features of JetPack that are now included with an installtion of WordPress from the Code Wranglers themselves from Automattic. You won’t want to miss this session.